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Ledo Pizza Utilizes Tested Conversion Strategy to Restore Industry

Popular Maryland-based pizza brand maximizes development by rebranding existing shells and applying tactical approach to technology, operations, marketing and procurement

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – As a way to revitalize the restaurant industry, Ledo Pizza is boosting development efforts through a robust, refined conversion strategy.

Jamie Beall holding pepperoni and cheese pizzasFor 30 years, the Maryland-based pizza brand has tested and polished a proven strategy that takes existing 1,800- to 3,000-square-foot restaurant buildings and rebrands them. Then, Ledo implements its successful approach to technology, operations, marketing and procurement – a process the brand refers to as “T.O.M.P.” 

Compared to building from the ground up, when franchisees convert their existing shells to a Ledo Pizza restaurant, they save costs, increase speed of construction and build upon the location’s awareness. Currently, about 70% of Ledo Pizza’s build-outs are conversions, and the brand will end 2020 with four new conversions for the year. 

“It’s very unfortunate to see the industry face so many challenges this year,” said Ledo Pizza CEO Jamie Beall. “With many empty restaurants across the country, there’s an opportunity to make a positive impact on the industry by strengthening it through the rebranding of unused buildings. It’s easier to convert to a Ledo Pizza than other brands due to our devout fan base and our unmatched T.O.M.P. strategy. With our cutting-edge technology, commitment to operations, tactical use of marketing, and novel approach to procurement, franchisees are truly set up for success when they decide to convert with us.”