Ledo Pizza Corner Shoppe at Giant Food

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any peanuts or shellfish in your kitchen?

There are not peanuts on the LEDO menu, however individual LEDO operators are at liberty to run a variety of special local offerings. As such LEDO cannot guarantee a peanut free kitchen. Please ask for a manager at your location and inquire and inform them of any allergy prior to ordering.

Are your mushrooms canned?

No, our mushrooms are grown in Pennsylvania and are cool blanched for food safety and quality pizza cooking!

Are your restaurants corporate owned?

No, each location is individually owned and operated by a local family in your neighborhood. LEDO does not franchise to large restaurant groups but instead franchisees to individual ardent LEDO fans.

Do you do delivery?

LEDO does not do home delivery. Quality pizza requires time, attention and focus. Unlike delivery pizza, LEDO Pizza’s large portions and quality ingredients need unique focus. LEDO DOES DO carry-out where patrons can personally care for their pizza in its ride to their home.

Do you have nutritional information for your products?

Yes! Ledo Pizza provides nutritional information on its website under the “Menu” category.

Do you offer half-baked pizzas?

Yes, all LEDO locations offer half baked pizzas. Please note that we are unable to offer raw meat toppings on half baked pizzas. Raw toppings include, sausage, hamburger and regular bacon.

Do you ship your pizzas?

LEDO does not in general offer shipped pizzas. Ask the manager of your local LEDO for personal options.

Does your cheese contain animal rennet?

No our cheese is made with vegetable based rennet.

How do I reheat my half baked pizza?

Set your oven to bake at its highest temperature. We also suggest that you reheat a cookie tray in the oven. When the oven is preheated, place the pizza WITHOUT the deli wrap on the preheated cookie sheet. Cook until bubbly and brown.

I checked my checking account balance today and notice that I have been overcharged by LEDO Pizza. Why is that?

Your bank has a policy of holding 15% or 20% of any restaurant purchase for 2-3 days, in the event that you may have left a gratuity. The bank is unable to tell from the transaction if your purchase was a carry-out or a dine in. These bank holds are released 2-3 days after the purchase. Please understand that this is not a theft, or a LEDO policy. Please check with the bank holding the credit card from your purchase.

Is there any pork in your meatballs?

Yes, our Meatballs are made with a blend of Pork and Beef.

Is your crust Vegetarian?

Yes. Our crust is not made with any animal products.

Is your pizza sauce Vegetarian?

Yes, our sauce contains soy oil, California tomatoes, fresh veggies and spices. LEDO sauce is all natural and contains no preservatives!

Does your Pepperoni contain Pork?

Our Pepperoni contains both Beef and Pork.