Ledo Pizza – New Wild Boar Menu Items

Ledo Pizza is pleased to announce the addition of Wild Boar Sausage to its Fall 2016 Seasonal Menu.

Crispy Apple and Boar Salad

What is Wild Boar Sausage?
Think of our Wild Boar Sausage as Free-Range Pork that is seasoned with salt, pepper and fennel. Similar taste and texture to regular pork but leaner, healthier, and the meat is not exposed to antibiotics and pesticides.

New Menu Items include:

The Whole Hog Craft Pizza – A wildly delicious combination to LEDO sauce, sliced wild boar sausage, ham capitol, bacon, and smoked Provolone cheese.

The Luau Craft Pizza – A Hawaiian celebration of LEDO sauce, sliced wild board sausage, ham, pineapple, and smoked Provolone cheese.

Crispy Apple and Boar Salad – A mix of crisp greens and arugula topped with sliced wild boar sausage, crips apples, and Bleu cheese crumbles. Served with Honey Mustard dressing.

Wild Boar Sausage Sub – Sliced wild boar sausage with grilled red onions, green peppers, LEDO sauce and melted smoked Provolone cheese.

Wild Boar & Mushroom Fettuccini – Tender fettuccini noodles tossed with our spicy meat sauce. Garnished with fresh basil.

We hope that you enjoy our new Wild Boar Sausage at Ledo Pizza!