LEDO Pizza leans to green

Annapolis, MD – LEDO Pizza System, Inc. announces its efforts to conserve our planet by introducing environmentally friendly corn-based to go cups and lids, which are available at most of its 86 locations.

An environmental alternative to conventional plastic cups, these clear plastic corn cups are made from corn-based polylactic acid resin, or PLA. The cups are odorless, non-allergenic and completely compostable under commercial conditions.

Mike Conway, Vice President of Operations, explains, “The cups are an easy way for our franchisees to offer our customers an environmentally sound product without increasing the prices for our drinks.”

Nationwide, “bioplastics” are being introduced as a way to reduce Americans’ dependency on petroleum, which most plastics are derived from, and instead use naturally occurring resources.

For more information on LEDO Pizza Systems, Inc. please visit http://www.ledopizza.com.